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We understand that property management fees can be a significant expense for landlords, especially in a city like London. Our team of experts has over 10 years of experience in managing properties and we recognize that every property requires different levels of attention.


To make property management more cost-effective for our clients, we operate as a community with a small monthly subscription fee for our services. Our team is readily available for you without any hefty annual fees. Instead of charging an annual percentage fee of the rent, we only charge for our services when necessary.

When our clients require property management or maintenance intervention, our team will organize a visit with one of our selected contractors. An OIKOS employee will always be present to supervise the contractor's work and ensure the highest quality of work is done at your property.

Our goal is to make the process of owning rental property as stress-free and profitable as possible for our clients. Join our community today and experience the benefits of our innovative approach to property management.

London City
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