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At OIKOS, we understand the importance of transparent and clear pricing for our customers. That's why we have divided our fees into two separate categories: a monthly membership fee and an on-demand intervention fee.


Subscription Fee

65 £ + VAT

On Demand

Flat Fee

120 £ + VAT

Membership- Joining the OIKOS Community: When you join the OIKOS community, you become one of our valued members. We charge a small monthly subscription fee of 30£ + VAT, which is conveniently charged by direct debit. This fee gives you access to our team of experts who are available 24/7 for any property-related issues or maintenance needs.

On-Demand Intervention Fee: In addition to the monthly membership fee, we also charge a flat fee of 70£ + VAT for any on-demand interventions. This fee includes the selection of the best contractor for the job, scheduling an appointment at your convenience, and direct supervision of the contractor's work. All on-demand intervention fees will be charged via invoice.


By dividing our fees in this way, we aim to create the most cost-effective solution for our customers, allowing them to only pay for the services they need. Join our community today and experience the benefits of our innovative approach to property management.

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