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Heater Repair

At OIKOS, we are a team of experienced professionals in the property management industry, with experience both in the UK and abroad. Our years of experience have led us to recognize that traditional property management companies often charge an annual percentage fee of the rent, which can result in high and unjustified payments for landlords.

Our Mission: We believe that property management fees should not be based on the value of the property. All properties require different types of interventions, and landlords should only pay for the services they need. We believe in an innovative approach to property management that allows landlords to have more control over their rental properties and budgets.

Cost-Effective Solution: We understand that some properties do not require monthly attention and maintenance, and interventions are not reoccurring events. That's why we offer a flat monthly fee for our services, with additional charges only when necessary.

Our Commitment: We are dedicated to making the process of owning rental property as stress-free and profitable as possible for our clients. Join our community today and experience the benefits of our innovative approach to property management.

Why Choose OIKOS:

  • Experienced team with over 10 years in the property management industry

  • Cost-effective solution with small monthly fee and on-demand charges

  • Tailored to the needs of the landlord and focus on their profitability

  • Dedicated supervision of contractors to ensure high-quality work

  • Available 24/7 for any property-related issues

  • Join our community of satisfied landlords and experience the benefits of our innovative approach to property management.

Image by Henry & Co.
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